Talks from the Heart

Heather is a natural and confident inspirational speaker, offering heart-felt messages that speak to many people.
She is known for engaging the audience with her raw and honest stories, relating personally with the message she is conveying. Offering profound and deep insights, it is clear she cares about the topics and her audience.  

She speaks to groups of 10-50 people. Her rate range from $150-$500 per talk.  

Length of talks can be 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your group's needs. 

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When It's Hard to Forgive


Forgiveness is a loaded word. There is pressure for kind-hearted people to jump to this place. When, in fact, the healthiest thing can be to feel your anger and hurt and withhold forgiveness. In this talk, Heather shares her personal journey as an abuse, intimate partner violence and criminal violence survivor. She offers insights about what forgiveness really means and how to approach it within yourself and your difficult dynamics. 

Fill the Void: Find the Love Within


Know Your Worth


Oh How They Love You: Connecting with Those Who Have Passed On


Your Ancestors, Yourself: Break the Patterns & Feel More Connected


Being Wyrd: Your Difference Makes All the Difference


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