Signature Talk

Signature Talk: You Can Thrive After Toxic Relationships


This talk offers the audience a pathway to recover from toxic, abusive or disempowering relationships. Whether it be workplace bullying, intimate partner conflicts, or difficult family dynamics, this talk will offer iinsights on how this can affect you, and outlines a way forward using alternative healing methods and straight-up knowledge about healthy vs. toxic relationships.

Heather shares her personal journey with intimate partner violence, criminal violence, workplace bullying, dysfunctional family dynamics, poverty and low self-esteem. 

Part educational, part inspirational and part personal story, this talk will spaek to those who have left the dynamics behind and are ready to love their life again. 

Time: 30-60 minutes, depending on your group's needs. 

Size of Group: 10-50 people

Heather has offered small group retreats and workshops for over 9 years. She has also spoken at holistic fairs, at the Spiritualist Church of Galt, and at community events. She is known for engaging the audience with her raw and honest stories, relating personally with the message she is conveying. Offer profound and deep insights, it is clear she cares about the topic and her audience.