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About Heather


My name is Heather Embree Warren and I love connecting with people who care to grow and succeed in their lives -- despite the odds.  I have helped over 1,500 people worldwide in the past 9 years with their wellness, career, relationship and family challenges. 

I use an intuitive approach of deep listening, understanding and awareness, I facilitate people like you to uncover the blocks that are stopping them from achieving their life goals. I believe that the missing peace is ourselves. 

I have a background in business, arts, spiritualism, coaching and holistic wellness. I am passionate about self-development, honest expression and living in balance. 

I have walked my own path of self-acceptance, emotional awareness, and making courageous changes that are in alignment with my heart.  I love inspiring others to live a full, healthy and love-filled life. I hope I can help you do the same.