Blossoming Her Programs

These programs are for femmes with a big heart who are ready to heal their hearts & rock the world

Drop Your Baggage


Whether it's an ex, a painful work situation or family dynamics, this program is to help you work through the difficult emotions of separation, loss, betrayal or abandonment. Re-gain your inner strength and make a brighter future for yourself. 

This program includes: 

-WTF Is Going On?! Session

-3  bi-Weekly Heal Your Heart Sessions

- 1-hour Intuitive Reading

-Nourish Yourself e-course

Rate: $649+HST or 2 payments of $339+HST

Overcome Your Inner Bully


Is your inner critic running the show? Do you find yourself sabotaging yourself with bad habits or procrastination? Suffered from emotional abuse and can't quite get back up? Feeling overwhelming guilt or shame? 

Through this simple process, we will banish the inner bully so you can feel more peace, and attract kinder situations and relationships. 

Get your personal power back and love yourself and your life again. 

This program includes: 

- 2 Transform the Inner Bully Sessions

- 2 Release the Guilt & Shame Sessions

- Ongoing email support

Rate: $479+HST or 2 payments of $249+

Rock the World


 If you are feeling overwhelmed, burned out or out of touch with who you or what you want, this  program is for you. You know you just aren't where you are meant to be in your life, career or relationships but have no idea how to make things better. Chances are, limiting beliefs and past experiences are blocking you from fully stepping into your light. 

Grow in self-awareness, resolve past hurts, create healthy boundaries in your life, release inner barriers and become more confident in who you are and succeed on your terms. Change truly starts from within.

This program includes: 

  • 5 Bi-weekly "Embrace All of Who You Are" Sessions
  • WTF is Going On?! Session
  • Nourish Yourself e-course
  • Ongoing email support

Rate: $775+HST or 3 monthly payments of $299+


Just send me a message to sign up or for more info...

or call/text me at: 226-500-7321