About the Book

 This short but inspiring book offers us faith and hope of spiritual connection to those who have passed on. Based on the author's personal experiences as a child who grows up to be a medium, it tells of those who visit in dreams, seeing loved ones at the end of their life and connecting with nature spirits for guidance. Plus hear about the author's experience of connecting to Abraham Lincoln. This book validates those who are considered to be sensitives in a world of people who prefer to not talk about these things. 

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The Stellar Queen of Oaxaca is a children's story

The Stellar Queen of Oaxaca -a children's book

This story is about an extra-special Queen who is visually impaired and inspires the community to close their eyes and open their hearts. It's based on a friend the author met while travelling in Mexico who is a single mother, determined to learn English through braille and the kindness of others. The story is illustrated by a former school teacher from Mexico who is now living in Canada. The hope for this book is that it will raise awareness about the beautiful culture of Mexico, the courage and determination of Reyna and all those who walk with different abilities in the world, and to honour and support youth living close to or on the streets of Mexico. 

by Heather Warren & Mayra Baquedano Zenteno