The Kind, Confident + Successful Guy Group Program

an 8-week in-person, group coaching program for kind guys who don't want to be jerks to get ahead.

Join this group of 8-12 kind guys who want safe & supportive space to share who they are and grow into who they want to be.  Learn, heal & grow in self-confidence, assertiveness and emotional expression so you can feel good about yourself, get the love you desire and be successful on your terms.

The group will be facilitated by Heather Embree Warren -- who is eternally grateful for the kind guys who have been and are in her life. She loves serving kind-hearted changemakers so the world can be a gentler and more vibrant place for everyone.

Program Outline

Week 1: Being Emotionally Aware

Most men struggle with how to feel the breadth & depth of emotions and how to express them to the people in their lives so they feel heard, validated & accepted. Kind guys especially deal with the challenges of knowing what to do with their anger, guilt, shame & sadness.  This week will offer you space to get in touch with your emotions and your needs.  You will get practical tools to apply to your daily life so you are feeling centred and in control of your path. 

Week 2: Overcome Your Inner Bully

Bullying is a common experience for kind guys. This week will help you to heal some of your past experiences with bullying and process out the critical inner voice that can cause you to self-sabotage your dreams, goals and life. 

Week 3: Speak Up for Yourself

 Most kind guys don't want conflict and are afraid to speak up for themseles or others. This week will help you grow in assertiveness without having to be agressive. Learn how to respond to difficult conversations so your needs are met. 

Week 4: Face Your Father, Strengthen Yourself

Your father, whether present or absent, has left an imprint on who you are and how you feel about yourself s a guy. Even with the best role model, your father holds expectations of you that may not match how you feel on the inside. When you face your father subconsciously and fully accept who he is, you can move forward with a greater sense of inner strength. This week will help you to heal some core wounds around your father and feel the clarity and strength of who you are meant to become in the world.

Week 5: Mother, Women + Your Inner Feminine

Many kind guys, especially during this time of women's empowerment, can have mixed feelings and anxieties show up about their relationships with women -- friends, lovers, their mothers or colleagues.  This week will help you explore your inner feminine self through healing and exploring your relationship with your mother and/or past partners. Yes, men can feel dominated and intimated by women, too. We will hold space for the man who has been bullied or misunderstood by any of the wounded women in his life. 

Week 6: Money, Success + Self-Worth

So much of the world out there says that you have to be dominant, cut-throat and power-hungry in order to make money and succeed in your career. But what happens if you care about being a good person who doesn't stomp all over others? This week will help you to face your inner beliefs and past experiences around success and failure with money & career. You will look at your own self-worth issues and learn tools on how you can be kind AND succeed at the same time. When you know your value and worth, you won't accept anything less.

Week 7: Being Loved The Way You Want

This week will look at your needs and unique patterns for love, intimacy and healthy relationships. Many kind guys have not been taught how to have healthy relationships where they aren't drained or they don't overgive. Learn how to assert your needs, set kind but firm boundaries, and how to hold & express your sexual energy so you can feel satisfied in your intimate reationships.

Week 8: Change Habits that Keep You Playing Small

To step into your greatness, you need to align your habits with your life goals. This week we will set intentions and goals that inspire you to bring your best self into the world.  Examine any habits or addictions that are no longer serving and uproot their purpose in your life so you can truly transform from the inside out.

Week 9: Let's Party

 This will be a potluck where you can bring your loved ones. We will celebrate your progress and share in who you have become. Music, wine and sharing will be part of the festivities.  

Start Date: Sun May 26th, 2019 2-4:30 p.m.

We will meet weekly on Sundays from 2-4:30 p.m. at Chamber of Commerce in Guelph. There will also be a weekly video and some insightful homework for you to do.

Introductory Price: $775 +HST

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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