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Kind Words from a Client: 

 "As a counsellor myself, I've been to a TON of therapists, but Heather is miles from the REST! She's the organic, creamy, pasture raised, raw half and half cream in your Dark Sumatra coffee, versus the 1%, anti-biotic laden, pasteurized lifeless milk in your Tim's. There's no comparison! What's wild about Heather, is that not only is she a PRO at asking the right questions to create clarity and action, she is CRAZY Intuitive, aka psychic. For me, when online dating like a madwoman, this was helpful... as she can tune in to the energy of prospective partners, and lets me know where they stand. Wouldn't you know, Heather was BANG on every time. Don't waste your time, trying to solve your problem with the mind that created it. BOOK heather, she is worth the investment, which to be honest isn't much! She's worth a million times more!"