If you are struggling with an emotional, relationship or life block and you just can't figure your way through this, it may have something to do with something that is way bigger than you -- it could be a deep pattern of loyalty you have to your family, ancestors or society that is no longer serving.  

The challenge is knowing what it is and how to even unknot it. 

This is where the "Break Core Patterns Session" comes in. 

There's so much more going on in your life than what you can see.  Through the power of energetically connecting to your ancestors and family system, you can change the destiny of your life.  


Rooted in Family Constellations Work, these one-on-one sessions are a wonderful way of having a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships (family, intimate partner, friends, or work colleagues) and other issues such as health, money, or creativity. 

It can help you make really massive shifts so you can be on your own path, rather than how you've been socialized. It can also help resolve fundamental wounds, addictive tendencies or difficult relationship dynamics that you may have inherited from your family and ancestors. 

We hold you and them in compassionate awareness.

In one session, you will get to the root of what's really going on that can often take years to understand. 

Let's invite our ancestors and connect with each other.

Rate: $150+HST for 75 minutes

Available online

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I've been certified through Rosalba Stocco's Family Constellations 2-year Training Program, and have been facilitating this work in groups and individually for over 6 years. 

I am from Western European ancestors, some of them who were settlers and pioneers who came to the States and Canada for a better life. A couple of men in our family married African-descent woman. According to my DNA I have 1% Sub-Saharan African in my lineage. I honour both the men and the women who had the courage to love despite serious racial prejudice and segregation.  I also see the ancestors who hurt others, especially First Nations Peoples, so I can live a privileged life. I hold them in my heart as a reminder of the importance of making a contribution towards mending and making the world a more fair and respectful place. 

I see my ancestors and I bow, knowing they shaped me in many ways and I wouldn't be here without them.