Blossoming You Programs

Are You Ready to Blossom in Your Life?

These 3-month programs will help you to transform from within so you can thrive after toxic relationships.  Each stage is specifically designed to move you to the next, so you feel supported and encouraged to finally make your dreams and goals happen.. We will assess where you are on your journey of recovery to determine at which stage to start.

Drop Your Baggage


Whether it's an ex, a painful work situation, family dynamics or past experiences you just can't shake, this program will help you work through the difficult emotions that keep lingering in the background of your life. Re-gain your inner strength and claim the wisdom from your past so you can move forward with more presence and confidence. 

This 3-month program includes: 

-WTF Is Going On?! Session

-4  Bi-Weekly Heal Your Heart Sessions

- 1-hour Intuitive Reading

-Nourish Yourself e-course

ongoing email support

-Access to the Blossoming You Private Facebook Group

Rate: $799+HST or 3 payments of $279+HST

Step Into Your Confidence


Do you feel easily dominated by others? Does your anxiety kick in when you think of meeting your dreams and goals? Do you struggle with assertiveness and getting your needs met? 

This 3-month program will help you improve your self-esteem and self-knowledge, empowering your life with who you are, what you want and expressing yourself in a way that gets your needs met. 

You will feel naturally confident in who you are -- not what others want you to be. 

This 3-month program includes: 

- 6 Bi-weekly Heart-to-Heart Sessions using the Blossoming Heart Process

-30-minute follow-up session at the end of the package

-"Courage to Stand in Your Truth" e-course

- Ongoing email support throughout the program

 -Access to the Blossoming You Private Facebook Group 

 Rate: $799+HST or 3 payments of $279+HST 

Rock the World


 If you are feeling overwhelmed, burned out or out of touch with who you or what you want, this  program is for you. You know you just aren't where you are meant to be in your life, career or relationships but have no idea how to make things better. Chances are, limiting beliefs and past experiences are blocking you from fully stepping into your light. 

Grow in self-awareness, create healthy boundaries in your life, let go of limiting core beliefs and move in the direction of your truth and dreams. Change truly starts from within.

This 3-month program includes: 

  • 5 Bi-weekly "Embrace All of Who You Are" Sessions
  • WTF is Going On?! Session
  • Ongoing email support
  • Access to the Blossoming You Private Facebook Group 

 Rate: $799+HST or 3 payments of $279+HST


or Sign up for the 9-month Blossoming You Program for only $2,399+hst

You save $400 plus you get two additional 30-minute readings within the program (value of $500).

Just send me a message to sign up or for more info...

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