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Kind Words from a Client

 "Your Next 3 Steps to Thrive Again introductory session with Heather is EVERYTHING -- what a wonderful service/ gift given to anyone who needs an immediate outlet with a wonderful coach, healer and intuitive. I am grateful for the time given and the space that Heather held during our session and will definitely turn to Heather for continued services in the future. " - Nicole, client


Kindle e-book $6.60 CDN or Print Book $13.95 CDN

 This short but inspiring book offers us faith and hope of spiritual connection to those who have passed on. Based on the author's personal experiences as a child who grows up to be a medium, it tells of those who visit in dreams, seeing loved ones at the end of their life and connecting with nature spirits for guidance. Plus you will hear about the author's experience of connecting to Abraham Lincoln. This book validates those who are considered to be sensitives in a world of people who prefer to not talk about these things. 

Heather Warren


Holistic Life Coach

Kind Words from a Client...

"Like everyone else I've had my share of challenges. I've tried lots of techniques to help
me heal and deal! I have been so fortunate to experience sessions with Heather and can honestly say the experience has been insightful and transformational. She has taken me on a beautiful soul journey. If you have the opportunity - try this - it's the best help I've ever received."

-Lorraine, Client